What size is a serving?
We use Earlene’s cake servings, which allows for a larger
piece than industry standard. A cake serving is 1 1/2 X 2 X
5. For example an 8 inch round cake with industry standard
would serve 22, with our serving chart is serves 15.

Can each tier be a different flavor?
Yes, each tier can be a different flavor.

Do you charge for delivery?
Cakes over 75 servings include delivery up to 30 miles, over
30 miles is $.75 per miles. Cakes under 75 servings we will
deliver for $.75 per mile.

Do you require a deposit to reserve the wedding date?
Yes, we require a 20% deposit to hold the date. We require
payment of the remaining balance 3 weeks prior to the
wedding date.

When do we need to book you and how soon does your
calendar fill with wedding dates?
You can book us a year or more in advance. Most people
book weddings 3 to 6 months in advance. We are limited as
to the number of orders we can take per weekend.

What if we don’t know the number of people who will attend?
We use your best guess to calculate the amount needed.
This can be adjusted when the final payment is due.

Do you have stands to rent?
We have several different stands available for rent. The rental
fee varies with each stand. A security deposit is required for
material according to its retail value. Items must be returned
clean and in good condition within 5 days of the wedding.
The security deposit will be refunded at this time. There is a
$5 per day late fee after this date.

Can you make a cake from a picture I saw in a magazine or
on the internet?
We will try our best to duplicate the design, but there is no
guarantee that we will be able to make an exact copy.

Do you offer consultations?
Yes, we offer consultations and tastings. We have consult
days once a month, if those days do not work for you we can
schedule a different time. Please bring any pictures or ideas
with you to your consultation. We also love to do custom
designed cakes so feel free to bring your own ideas!